The Dipolar advantage


We develop power sources for magnetrons with expertise in microwave and magnetron technology, together with our extensive knowledge in switch mode power supply design.

Our products represent the cutting edge of technology in this field. Examples of this are an extremely efficient power factor correction, a high overall efficiency and a record of long lifetimes for the magnetrons.

The power supplies are micro controller equipped and can be supervised by PLC or PC systems.


The components in our products are carefully selected, and to further ensure the manufacturing quality our production partners all have certified quality systems.

Cost effectiveness

The combination of durability and advanced technology with many built-in features, makes the total cost very competitive.


Our power supplies are used in a wide range of applications, for example creation of plasmas, cooking food, cleaning water and drying of molds in sand casting.

Our products are used by customers worldwide, with high demands on technology, control and durability.