Investment company Treac becomes new part owner of Garga Group

On 26 May, regional investment company Treac AB became a part owner of Garga Group AB. Together, the companies are strengthening their position as a value-creating ownership alternative for companies in Norrbotten and Västerbotten.

– We are looking forward to continuing our growth journey together with Treac, which will support our ownership group with both industry know-how and transaction experience, and which also shares our commitment to the business community in Norrbotten and Västerbotten. I am certain that Treac will help Garga Group continue its growth, with exciting new acquisitions in technology-intensive companies,” says David Stenlund, CEO and co-owner of Garga Group AB.

Joint investment in expansion

Garga Group AB, which is based in Umeå, will be the fifth investment within Treac’s operating segment Treac Industri and the companies envisage strong synergies between their respective business areas.

– Garga Group has considerable expertise in acquiring and developing technology-intensive companies. We see this as a strong complement to Treac Industri, which has traditionally focused on industrial production companies. Together, we have good geographical coverage and a wide range of resources for acquiring and developing companies throughout the region,” says Treac AB’s CEO Adam Ådin.

Garga Group invests in companies that have unique expertise within their industry. The company comes in as a part owner, preferably together with the management or founders of the company. Garga Group’s proactive initiatives add structure and long-term sustainable expertise to its holdings.

The portfolio currently comprises subsidiaries Gluetec AB and Dipolar AB. Gluetec develops and manufactures torque sensors at its own facilities in Sorsele and Piteå, while Dipolar develops microwave power units, primarily for customers within the environmental and food industry. Dipolar has its headquarters in Skellefteå.

Treac AB is a family-run investment company based in Skellefteå. Treac’s fundamental business concept is to acquire, own and develop companies and, through active and long-term ownership, work to strengthen their competitiveness and to achieve profitable growth.

The corporate group includes the majority-owned subsidiaries Treac Innovation AB, Zone Systems AB and Ambra AB as well as shareholdings in Railcare AB and Extena AB.

David Stenlund appointed new CEO of Garga Group AB

The board of Garga Group AB, parent company of Dipolar, has appointed David Stenlund as new CEO from 15th of October, 2019.

David Stenlund replaces Thomas Karlsson who will return to a position as chairman and co-owner of Garga Group. Stenlund will commence as CEO of Garga Group on October 15th, 2019.

– David’s solid sales expertise in both growth companies and large international organizations will be a great asset moving forward, says Thomas Karlsson, chairman and outgoing CEO of Garga Group.

David Stenlund has extensive experience in sales and distribution with brands such as Coca-Cola and most recently boat manufacturers ANYTEC and Ockelbo where he held the position as CEO.

I look forward becoming a part of Garga Group and hopefully contribute to its continued growth says David Stenlund, CEO of Garga Group.

Garga Group develops and invests in northern knowledge-based and manufacturing companies which possess unique industry competence. The groups mission is to create growth and innovation power in the northern region of Sweden and consists of its subsidiaries Dipolar AB and Gluetec AB with operations in Skellefteå, Sorsele and Piteå.

Contact information

For inquiries please contact:

Walter Rönnblom
CEO Dipolar AB
+46 (0)70 642 53 63

David Stenlund
CEO Garga Group AB
+46 (0)70 517 34 64

Dipolar attends IMPI 53 June 18-20

Next week Dipolar will be attending the 53rd Annual Microwave Power Symposium (IMPI 53) in Las Vegas.

The symposium takes place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. The venue gathers premier microwave power experts such as researchers, technologists and engineers from across the globe. The topics include new findings on microwave power systems ranging from food technology, solid state, chemical and material processing, to new emerging technologies.

– IMPI is a highly relevant platform for Dipolar and we look forward a couple of rewarding days, connecting with other industry colleagues and business partners. In addition, we look forward presenting our product range that has both been extended and re-designed since last year, says CEO Walter Rönnblom.

The extended product range was launched at the end of 2018 and consists of both existing and new innovations. The popular MagDrive power supply units are now available in 400 and 2000 watts, in addition to the previous 1000 watt version. The design has also been updated with a steel grey color scheme. In addition, Dipolar has developed the innovative Interface24, a device for connecting and monitoring several MagDrive units or clusters simultaneously.

Meet with us

Our representatives will be available for scheduled meetings during June 18-20. To schedule an appointment, please contact:

Walter Rönnblom
+46 (0)70 642 53 63

Information about our new product range can be found here.
Product sheets with technical information are available on each individual product page.

For more information about the venue, please visit the official website:

Dipolar releases three new products

During the last quarter of 2018 Dipolar will be releasing three new products. The Magdrive series is extended with 400 and 2000 watt power supply units. Dipolar is also launching the new Interface24; an innovative module for quick and easy connection and monitoring up to 20 Magdrive power supply units. Along with the launch all Dipolar products will be updated with a new steel grey design.

In addition to the original Magdrive 1000, the extended Magdrive series now includes two new 400 and 2000 watt power supplies for industrial magnetrons. The Dipolar technology behind the popular Magdrive 1000 remains the backbone of the extended power supply range. Apart from some adjustments of the Magdrive 1000 control panel and a new design the core technology of the original Magdrive 1000 remains the same.

The new Interface24 is designed to connect and monitor 20 Magdrive units using only one interface module. Multiple interface modules can also be used together to connect larger clusters of Magdrive units. As the name suggests, the interface is designed to include some spare ports for maximum usability.

– We have taken on a holistic approach in terms of product development and the extended Magdrive series is only the beginning of a wide range of exciting solutions. We are constantly evolving together with our clients as their operations expand and it is with great joy that we present an expanded product range designed to meet their needs, says Walter Rönnblom, CEO of Dipolar.

After three decades delivering solutions in industrial power supply, designing dependable and pioneering solutions still remains the focal point of Dipolar. During the engineering process of the new products, Dipolar has reviewed quality and performance aspects from a user as well as a manufacturing point of view.

– Quality assurance has been the centrepoint of this whole process. Developing a new range of products together with a cross-functional team of experts has created new opportunities to review and secure critical aspects such as reliability and performance, Walter Rönnblom says.

The extended Magdrive series and Interface24 will be available for delivery from 2019. Magdrive 1000 is available for immediate delivery and will be re-stocked in the updated design scheme during the last quarter of 2018.

Vacuum-Microwave drying

Magdrive1000’s are the power sources for innovative and cost effective drying of meats, vegetables and fruits. Multiples of 1kW magnetrons are thereby data controlled over industrial fieldbus.