MagDrive 400 – 400w Microwave Power Supply

A small yet powerful device, Magdrive 400 prevails in settings where control and reliability are essential. Thanks to its compact size and dependability, this magnetron power supply is a natural component in laboratory operations and anywhere else where precision is key. Universal input voltage range and very low power output capability are some of the key features of the Magdrive 400.

The Magdrive 400 is a programmable power supply especially suitable for laboratory use. Thanks to its compact size and powerful Dipolar technology, the Magdrive 400 guarantees easy setup and monitoring while ensuring a high-quality output. With a total weight of less than 1,5 kilos and occupying only 22 x 15 x 10 centimetres of bench space, this unit serves extremely well as a lab bench power supply. Use in standalone operations or connect a series of up to 20 Magdrive units using the Interface24.

Embodying the expertise of more than three decades specializing in magnetron power supply design, the Magdrive 400 is our smallest switching power supply yet. Knowing how crucial the power supply is to the quality of the final product, you can rely on the Magdrive 400 to deliver the same precision and reliability as the rest of the Dipolar product range.

Isolated auxiliary +12V 10W, digital I/O pins and 0-10V analogue power control interface are a just a few examples of built-in features that can be custom configured.

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