Thanks to revolutionary technology, California-based ReCarbon Inc has developed a product that can break down carbon dioxide on a large scale and turn it into useful residual products. Dipolar’s MagDrive 1000 power supply plays a central role in how humans can reduce and recycle emissions of greenhouse gases.

ReCarbon Inc are breaking new ground using Microwave plasma

Much research has been done on microwave plasma over the years but ReCarbon Inc is the first company to develop a scalable and commercially viable system using this technology and this has attracted the interest of investors.

As pioneers, they are breaking new ground. This places high demands on cooperation with strategic partners and the power supplies that are used in the microwave plasma reactor by ReCarbon Inc are critically to the success of the system. Dipolar’s 1 kW power supply MagDrive 1000 is an important component in the reactor which turns unwanted carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

“The MagDrive 1000 has never let us down”

“First of all, it’s a very reliable power supply. We have over 100 MagDrives and many of them work under full power in continuous operation and they function faultlessly nevertheless. Our development work requires us to sometimes subject components to extremely heavy loads and abusive conditions but the MagDrive 1000 has never let us down,” says Curtis Tom, Vice President of Technology and Product Development at ReCarbon Inc.

ReCarbon Inc is not only impressed by the technology; the company also values its cooperation with Dipolar and CEO Walter Rönnblom.

“We have used other manufacturers, both Italian and German, but their customer contacts are nowhere near as good as Dipolar’s. Over the years, Walter has been a great asset to our company and has helped us solve highly technical as well as supply chain problems. We had EMI noise issues and Walter travelled to our R&D lab to help us resolve the problems,” says Curtis Tom.

Many opportunities in green technology

ReCarbon’s discoveries linked to green technology means the future is looking bright and the company wants to develop its cooperation with Dipolar and set up a pilot installation.

“We want Dipolar to create a 3kW power supply and within a few years, we hope they will be able to make a 100kW system. This is exactly the right time for renewable energy and if we work together, we see great opportunities for being able to offer our solutions to large industries that cause significant emissions of carbon dioxide,” says Curtis Tom.

About ReCarbon Inc.

Founded in 2011, ReCarbon Inc are committed to developing commercial applications in the forefront of greenhouse gas recycling. To learn more about their usage of microwave plasma technology and application of power supplies in 3kW magnetrons, please visit