We are pioneers in Magnetron technology, and we continue to work hard for success.

We are involved in many projects in many places around the world, offering top quality services at all times that are of great value to our customers and collaborators. Here’s just a sample of our customers succuessful projects.

The magdrive 1000 has never let us downCurtis Tom, Vice President of Technology and Product Development at ReCarbon Inc.

ReCarbon ink uses Dipolars power supplies

Dipolar’s MagDrive 1000 power supply plays a central role in how humans can reduce and recycle emissions of greenhouse gases.

It’s outstanding, in terms of both efficiency and functionalityUlf Shönning, Ircon.

MagDrive 1000 in the heart of Ircon’s units

Dipolar’s MagDrive 1000 power supply has been an important, reliable component in microwave ovens that food producers all over the world have bought from Ircon.