Why settle for less? Connecting, controlling and monitoring clusters of power supplies has never been easier.

Unbeatable control and overview of 20 Magdrive power supply units.

This cutting-edge communication device from Dipolar offers unbeatable control and overview of no less than 20 Magdrive power supply units. By taking advantage of the unique features of the Interface24, you don’t have to settle for less.

A scaleable solution consisting of multiple Magdrive units.

The Interface24 is ideal for any setup where you wish to have a scaleable solution consisting of multiple Magdrive units, without compromising on the performance of each individual power supply unit. The interface makes it possible to maintain the stability and seamless adjustment of power that is synonymous with Dipolar power supplies.

The Interface24 is compatible with any PLC fieldbus such as Ethernet, ProfiBus and Modbus. Simply select a AnyBus Communicator device that matches the fieldbus of your choice. And thanks to its clever hardware design, any input or output data passing through the connected Magdrives can easily be mirrored using standard PLC programming.

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