The versatile and high-performing Magdrive 2000 is a reliable companion for any industrial magnetron.

Features include seamless power tuning and a regulated filament for a long magnetron life span


The Magdrive 2000 is a switch-mode power supply designed to drive a 2kW industrial magnetron. However, with some changes in the parameters that are read and controlled by the embedded CP, the Magdrive 2000 can be used to power a 1.5kW magnetron as well.

Easily adaptable to various anode voltages and load conditions.

The power is adjusted in a seamless and wide span, making the power supply easily adaptable to various anode voltages and load conditions. Also equipped with a regulated filament power supply, the Magdrive 2000 is suitable for use together with a wide range of applicators. The filament reduction also increases the life span of the power supply, making the Magdrive 2000 a reliable and stabile source of power.

Thanks to its versatile and reliable characteristics, the Magdrive 2000 power supply can be used in a wide array of industrial operations. Potential areas of use include microwave applications and as a laboratory power supply.

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