Ircon Drying Systems AB is a world-leading innovator and manufacturer of customised microwave ovens. At the heart of their product is the MagDrive 1000 from Dipolar, powering the microwave magnetron.

“It’s outstanding, in terms of both efficiency and functionality,” says Ulf Schönning at Ircon.

“You might say the MagDrive 1000 is the heart of the systems we build”

Ircon’s core business consists of hi-tech design and production of infrared and microwave systems. Its customers are primarily in the paper and food industries. One example that stands out is the micro-food concept Gooh!, which is produced by the Operakällaren restaurant. The Gooh! kitchen uses the Swedish invention Micvac, in which food is prepared and pasteurised directly in the packaging using Ircon’s microwave oven.

Ircon has long been a business partner of Dipolar. Dipolar’s MagDrive 1000 power supply has been an important, reliable component in microwave ovens that food producers all over the world have bought from Ircon.

Ulf Schönning and Ircon have been collaborating with Valter Rönnblom since Dipolar was founded, and have benefited greatly from the flexibility of Dipolar’s production chain.

“For us, it’s been important that Dipolar has been able to adapt the power supply to our needs at a reasonable price level. They produce an extremely advanced product that we really don’t make full use of, but Dipolar has been receptive and given us what we want,” says Ulf Schönning.

Down the years he has bought almost 2,000 units, which gives him a good insight into what the product delivers.

The MagDrive 1000 has a long useful life, is easy to service and adjustable

“You might say the MagDrive 1000 is the heart of the systems we build. We need a power supply that has a long useful life, is easy to service and is adjustable. It must also handle quick starts and stops,” says Ulf Schönning.

Ircon has tested other suppliers, but always gone back to Dipolar because of their strict requirements.

“There are cheaper solutions for us, but nothing has come close to what Dipolar’s product delivers. Its stable reliability gives us peace of mind, so we’re happy to pay a slightly higher price.”

About Ircon Drying Systems AB

With more than 30 years’ experience of high-performance infrared technology, Ircon design and produce customized drying and heating solutions based on infrared, air and microwave technologies for a wide range of industries and applications. Visit Ircon Drying Systems AB .