Microwave plasma technology to recycle greenhouse gases

Dec 20, 2016

A scalable, configurable and serviceable solution that allows industrial microwaves to reduce and recycle emissions of carbon dioxide. ReCarbon Inc has created an innovative setup featuring microwave plasma technology, controlled by the MagDrive 1000.

California based ReCarbon Inc has created the commercialisation-ready solution which utilises microwave plasma technology to convert carbon dioxide and CH4 into carbon monoxide and hydrogen. While most carbon dioxide strategies have no or little return on investment, ReCarbon has developed a profitable business model by recycling CO2 submissions whilst supplying the hydrogen economy with a reliable supply of industrial gases.

”This is exactly the right time for renewable energy and if we work together, we see great opportunities for being able to offer our solutions to large industries that cause significant emissions of carbon dioxide,” says Curtis Tom, Vice President of Technology and Product Development at Recarbon Inc.

Microwave plasma powered by the MagDrive 1000

More than one hundred units of the MagDrive 1000 are used in this groundbreaking project. The 1 kW power supplies are an important component in the reactor, where greenhouse gas emissions are converted into carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Curtis Tom at Recarbon Inc explains:

”Many of them work under full power in continuous operation and they function faultlessly nevertheless. Our development work requires us to sometimes subject components to extremely heavy loads and abusive conditions but the MagDrive 1000 has never let us down.”

Here you can learn more about ReCarbon Inc and their work using the MagDrive 1000.